About ACT

The ACTUniv group has emerged as a knowledge resource enterprise over the last two decades since its inception. The company is engaged in imparting Education and Training services in Information technology, English Language and content development.

Its expertise rests in its people and technology; developing products and services for IT, Technology Specialisation, Course Content, Multimedia, Animation, Digital content and Language Learning Systems. The company has been known for its non-conventional approach to skill development.

The Company is committed to be a catalyst in the process of development of individuals. Understanding the core needs of the industry as well as the learner’s environment is significant in providing appropriate training programs and suitable methodologies.

The beneficiaries include K-12, Undergraduates, Graduates, Career planners, Professionals, Executives and Specialists besides corporate and government organisations.

    The core activities of the Company are
  • Computer Education and training offering a range of development programmes in the general, career and specialised categories include vendor certified training.
  • Computer training at school
  • Corporate training and skill development programmes on application software.
  • Trainers to the Government and Local administrative agencies
  • Partnering Government initiatives in training the masses.
  • Academic and technology Consultants
  • Development of courseware, training content, tools and training aides
  • Interactive Multimedia content development
  • English language training
  • Words Worth - Digital English language lab using blended learning

Objective of the Company

To provide quality education and training services for the development of skills for individuals. To design, develop, publish and implement resources including curricula, methodology, content, courseware, digital aids and software tutors for the instructional use of trainers and learners. To engage and undertake projects related to skill training for masses.

Over the years the company has spread its reach to include training programs for schools, colleges, corporate bodies, Government training programs as well as participating in Government training projects for the masses. The training programs now include computer software, hardware, soft skills, English language and occupational skill improvement programs in diverse domains.

Goal of the Company

To provide non conventional training products and systems that use modern technology. To extend the reach to all corners of India especially penetrate rural India with affordable products and services through our own marketing network as well as through strategic partnerships with some of the major hardware, infrastructure and service providers, and educational establishments, Government organizations, and media distribution companies.

We envisage our training products to be available to the consumer to support his development needs and made available through any medium.

Growth Plan of the Company

The Company has been undergoing continuous change implied by the economic reforms that have made skill training necessary to gain a competitive edge in the job market. The company has rapidly increased its customer base beyond the borders of Gujarat to span the length and breadth of the country.

The company has made strategic plans and launch of several products including soft skills and English Language training that has been appreciated by the academia and institutions including some state Governments. The company has engaged in research and development to produce products using the next generation technology targeting the mobile device market and direct to home. The company shall enter into strategic tie-ups and partnerships with manufacturers and communication service providers for the distribution.

  • GKS
  • RKCL
  • Vanbandhu
  • Learn & Earn
  • RPL
  • TELLY Acadamy
  • WordsWorth